Solid IT support for small business

Enjoy all the benefits of a fully qualified IT team for your small business.


Small Business IT Packages & Pricing

  • ⊃ Network Setup
  • ⊃ System Support
  • ⊃ Backup Solutions

Every business needs IT support. If you don't currently have IT support in-house, we can help meet your incidental or ongoing support needs. From networking to backup, we have you covered; don't go another day without IT!

Wired and WIFI Network Setup

Whether you need to wire a new ethernet jack for a workstation, setup a wireless network that with adequate coverage, or increase your network security, we can help. We have experience with a wide variety of network technologies, and can get the job done right and on-budget.

Desktop and Server Support

Having trouble with specific server or workstation issues? We can boost the speed and productivity of your PC's, or clean up your server issues. We can work remotely or on-site, to help make your business as efficient as possible.

Backup & Recovery Solutions

When it comes to backup and recovery, we can provide a wider selection of services than almost anyone. Backup doesn't have to be an excessive ongoing cost; and recovery doesn't have to cost the weight of your hard drive in gold. We have affordable options, so contact us today.