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Website SEO Evaluation - $99

The first step to improving your search engine performance is finding out where you stand, and what needs work. Our Website SEO evaluation package includes a comprehensive study of your website, and is a perfect place to start.

  • Our in-depth evaluation studies 4 critical aspects of SEO performance on your website
  • First, we study how your website is constructed; site design is one of the most effective SEO tools, but one of the least evaluated
  • Second, we study how the major search engines "see" your site. Search engines do not process your website visually- our tools let us see your site like they do, and suggest changes that will make your website more search engine friendly
  • Third, we study the actual content of your website to ensure your messages, products, and services are being adequately communicated, both to your target audience, and to the search engines
  • Fourth, we study how your site is cross-linked across the internet
  • After this thorough study, we recommend a variety of improvements that may be made, either through our SEO KickStart package, our SEO Overhaul, or through a custom package
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Competitive Analysis - $199

It's great to know how your website is performing in SEO, but you should also have a detailed understanding of how your website's performance compares to other major competitors in your particular market. By understanding the competition, you can better compete! This Competitive Analysis package is of prime importance to any small business hoping to climb in the ranks of their market.

  • We meet with you in-person or over the phone to gather information on your business, your market, and your competitors
  • With the information gathered, we research and analyze your current SEO standing as it compares to your competitors, and evaluate SEO performance in your specific market, to determine your competitive position
  • We also offer SEO Performance Tracking for only $15/mo. This service lets you continually monitor your company's specific performance for multiple keyword sets, and allows you to monitor the performance of your competitors at the same time
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SEO KickStart modifications - $199

Once you know what you need to do, let us get it done quickly and efficiently! With this package, we will perform all of the most essential SEO updates that your site needs to truly move forward; plus, we'll create up to 5 new web pages to augment what you already have in place!

  • Perform essential SEO updates to your existing website
  • Includes the creation of up to 5 new pages, expanding on existing content, specifically tailored to improve SEO performance
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SEO Overhaul - starting at $599

Serious about improving your SEO? The complete SEO Overhaul package covers you completely. We evaluate and improve every SEO critical aspect of your existing website, and add up to 10 new SEO focused pages to boot. Finally break through into true SEO performance with this comprehesive package deal.

  • Overhaul your entire existing website for optimum SEO performance
  • Includes everything in the Website SEO Evaluation package
  • Includes the creation of up to 10 new pages, expanding on existing content, specifically tailored to improve SEO performance
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